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Meet the Cats!
(Herpailurus yagouarundi)

Jaguarundis are listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List. Known as the Jaguarundi, or the Eyra, these cats are characterized by their small heads with  small low set ears, a long flat tail, and a long low set body. They're  one of the only solid colored wild cats, they even lack eye-spots on the backs of their ears. Their coats are found in a brownish-grey or redish-brown color morph.  The jaguarundi is an unusual  weasel-like feline that is found in the Central and South America.  A few still survive in southern parts of North America, such as Arizona and Texas. They are more active in daylight hours than most other wild  cat species.  They have seldom been studied in the wild.

Born: May 15 2006
Arrived at EFBC: June 2006 from Sierra Endangered Cat Haven
Fun Fact: Sister to Aztec, Originally from a facility in Brazil
Favorite Enrichment: cardboard boxes, essential oils (rosemary, nutmeg, pine)
Wishlist item: Essential Oil
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